Schlagwort: Vilnius

On the the occation of the NATO Summit 2023 in Vilnius/Lithuania, Nana Walzer conducted 6 interviews with experts on the state of EU’s security policy and it’s interconnectivity with NATO activities as well as methods of strengthening European security architecture, the Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations and the role of civil society in all of this.

With: MEPs Petrus Auštrevičius and Lukas Mandl – Lithuanian Scientist Dalia Bankauskaitè – EESC-member Christian Moos – president of Europa Union Frankfurt Klaus Klipp – designated president of BJF-Bund Europäischer Jugend Kati Schneeberger. The interviews framed a high-level discussion with the Chair of the Defense Committee in Germany Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmerman, MEP Markus Ferber and others.

The interviews and the discussion can be watched on social media (e.g.: and (in a few days) on the UEF-Youtube-channel (