Schlagwort: Europawahl24

The live-format “#moreEUROPEnow” addresses various hot topics that affect European citizens in their everyday life: From the war in Ukraine over anti-democratic developments in Europe, to the poles of today’s multi-crisis such as climate-change, energy, migration or inflation – and the role of civil society in all of it.

The series aims to kick-off discussions on Europe’s relevance for citizen in the light of the upcoming European elections in 2024. Each episode is designed to stimulate civil engagement and to induce lively discussions about European challenges, EU policies and the future of Europe – and thus to ensure involvement and identification with the European project and it’s values such as equality, human rights or democratic participation.

„#moreEUROPEnow“ is hosted by Dr. Nana Walzer, each episode’s topic is commented by political scientist Dr. Dirk van den Boom and features different experts to share their specific knowledge.

The 6 episodes of “#moreEUROPEnow” are broadcasted live on the Twitch-channel “Wildmics” starting July 2023, each from 20.00-21.00. See: and