Meet Europe in Person – The Spinelli Group Podcast

Nana Walzer talks with Members of The Spinelli Group about the background, aims and activities of this network of federalist-minded Members of the European Parliament.


  • The Spinelli Group, Introduction episode with UEF-president and chairman of The Spinelli Group MEP Sandro Gozi
  • Protection of the Rule of Law in the EU, with MEP Daniel Freund


  • European Citizenship, with MEP Maite Pagazaurtundúa
  • Rule of Law in European context, with MEP and Vice-Chair of EP’s Renew Europe group Katalin Cseh
  • #TreatyReformNow, with MEP and Spinelli Group President Sandro Gozi and MEP and Spinelli Group Board Member Gabriele Bischoff
  • Enlargement Policy, with MEP and former Vice-President of the European Parliament Fabio Massimo Castaldo
  • European Electoral Law, with MEPs Damien Boeselager and Domènec Ruiz Deveza
  • Fiscal Policy of the EU, with MEP Rasmus Andresen
  • NATO’s and European Security Policy, with MEP Petras Auštrevičius
  • European Security Architecture, with MEP Lukas Mandl