Europe in Media and Civic Discourse – Research Seminar/University Vienna, July 1-15 2021

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Bauer and Dr. Nana Walzer lead through this research-seminar with the aim to

  • foster a better understanding of the field of European Communication and to
  • work out difficulties in specific areas and different contexts such as economy, social affairs, work, security, politics or health.

The seminar targeted topics like the understanding of European values, the foundations of European society and the different processes of Europeanization. It reflects the European media landscape and its diverse quality standards, the method settings for the analysis of media-mediated European communication, communication and media theories as well as forms of European education. The seminar was open for students of the University of Vienna and the CEU – Central European University, as well as for other, expecially Hungarian and Polish universities. The course delivered academic qualification in the field of European communication.