Democracy vs Autocracy: What’s next Hungary? Interview with Paul Lendvai, 21. September 2022

In her recent State of the Union speech commission president Ursula von der Leyen called the fight between democracy and autocracy a top priority for Europe. Since several years we see a corrosion of democratic principles in some European countries, for example in Hungary. But what can be done to strengthen democracy and to peacefully fight the authoritarian developments in Europe?

Professor Paul Lendvai is an institution when it comes to topics like Europe and Eastern-Europe, especially to Hungary. Born in Budapest in 1929, he lives in Vienna since 1957. He has been a life-long political publicist and journalist, from the London Financial Times to the ORF Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, where he still heads the “Europastudio”. He wrote 20 books – just last week his latest book „Vielgeprüftes Österreich“ was published – and received numerous national and international awards.